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Beurer HD 75 Cosy TaupeCosy layers that can make a difference

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Take comfort in the things you can control. Before you turn up the heating, our controllable heated throws could be the extra layer that helps you beat the chill.

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Beurer Black Friday

Beurer Black Friday

Our Black Friday sale is now on! Shop huge savings across selected products from November 17th- 30th. PLUS, sign up to our newsletter for an exclusive 15% off all Black Friday dicounts!

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Switch on the daylight

Lift your mood with light therapy

We're all familiar with how good we feel on a sunny day - positive and energised. Imagine if we said you could feel that good every day, whatever the weather... With a Beurer SAD lamp, you can.

Light up your life!

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Beurer was born back in 1919 and has grown into an award-winning health and wellbeing brand. Over the last century, we have developed an innovative range of over 500 products in the worlds of medical, wellbeing, beauty, baby care and fitness.

Science-backed period pain relief without medication

Science-backed period pain relief without medication

Get relief from menstrual and endometriosis pain without medication. A combination of comforting heat and TENS electrostimulation to soothe the pain so you can go about your day.

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Woman with beurer foot warmer

Keep warm this Winter with Beurer

Our heated throws, electric blankets and heat pads all have adjustable temperature settings with simple control. Turn the heat up and down as and when you need to stay comfortable.

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App Beurer HealthManager Pro
Beurer HealthManager Pro

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Whether at home, at the doctor's or on the road - today health data is available everywhere and can be shared. With the app "beurer HealthManager Pro", you receive even more detailed information about your health data that goes beyond the mere measured values.

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